Mantle × zkMe | Testnet Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the exclusive Mantle × zkMe Testnet Pioneer Campaign, marking a significant milestone in the fruitful…

Mantle × zkMe | Testnet Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the exclusive Mantle × zkMe Testnet Pioneer Campaign, marking a significant milestone in the fruitful collaboration between zkMe and Mantle.

Mantle, known for its innovative Layer 2 solution, is designed to deliver high performance, security, and scalability to blockchain applications. With zkMe’s launch on Mantle’s network, the future of private and scalable decentralized identities is finally within reach.

This campaign celebrates our joint mission to integrate zkMe’s unique Identity Soulbound Token on the Mantle network. Participants can now mint their Identity Soulbound Token and connect their wallets to the Mantle Goerli Testnet.

Event Duration

The Testnet will be available from 2023/07/10 to 2023/07/18.

Event rewards

  1. Mantle × zkMe Testnet Pioneer OAT
  2. Testnet Pioneer Discord Roles*
  • Don’t forget to claim your Discord Role through the Galxe platform and join our specific group on Discord for an even more thrilling journey!

What are the BENEFITS of obtaining an Identity Soulbound Token?

The zkMe Identity Soulbound Token, designed with user interests in mind, offers streamlined anti-bot/sybil checks on the Mantle network without the need to connect a wallet, providing immediate benefits derived from your identity data.

  1. Privacy: zkMe does not centralize the storage of verified credentials, putting you in total control of all data sharing.
  2. Efficiency: One-time verification allows for its reuse across all Dapps on the Mantle network, leading to quick and accurate anti-bot & anti-sybil checks.
  3. Profit from your identity: The more verifications, the more benefits. Get ready for a variety of rewards and value-added services tailored to game/social identity verification.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to our article:

How to mint your Identity Soulbound Token on Mantle?

Minting your Identity Soulbound Token on our WebApp is a breeze. Just prepare one of the following documents (passport, identity card, or driver’s license) and follow the steps outlined on the zkMe webapp page for a seamless SBT claiming process:

1. Create your account for a decentralized, self-sovereign identity wallet

  • Click [Login] or [Start] to begin creating your SSI wallet using an email.
  • Check your email inbox and complete the verification process.

2. ✨Connect the Mantle network with your wallet for streamlined access to DeFi, Game-Fi, and more

  • Choose Mantle Testnet as your network and connect to your wallet.

*Or you can click [Connect wallet] or [Start] to connect your wallet.

  • Scan the QR code with your phone to initiate the credential verification process.

3. Verify your credentials to ensure privacy and immutability

  • Get your documents ready for credential verification and click [Verify now] to proceed. (Choose one of the following: passport, identity card, or driver’s license.)
  • Perform your facial recognition.
  • Congratulations! Your credential is verified, and your Identity Soulbound Token will be minted.

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