zkMe zero-knowledge Credentials and Mantle Network Converge to Reinvent Digital Identity

We are excited to announce that zkMe is now a “Premium Partner” to Mantle! With the zk-proof credential verification and identity oracle by…

zkMe zero-knowledge Credentials and Mantle Network Converge to Reinvent Digital Identity

We are excited to announce that zkMe is now a “Premium Partner” to Mantle! With the zk-proof credential verification and identity oracle by us, and a great platform, ecosystem, and community of Mantle, we’ll be pushing head-first into the ever-changing regulatory landscape with our blockchain-centric ethos — decentralization, privacy, and security.

The Identity Soulbound Token — containing identity info anonymously — will empower users to selectively disclose attributes, own and monetize their data, and gain equity as verified identities through our zkMe app and webapps. Together, we will unlock a whole new class of identity solutions — enabling private KYC, anonymous access, and fairer airdrop while preserving user privacy and maintaining high performance.

Mantle, and Mantle’s Ecosystem

Mantle has shown its commitment to expanding and growing its ecosystem, and the community has responded. With a growing plethora of projects, Mantle is shaping up to be a major player within the layer-2 space, focused on furthering the blockchain industry.

With all types of projects flocking to the network, from DeFi to infrastructure, we are there to ensure that everyone within Mantle has easy access to a simple way to become compliant while keeping true to the blockchain narrative.

First Steps to Decentralized, Private Identities

We are currently testing two use cases live on Mantle testnet:

  1. One face, one DID — anti-sybil & anti-bot.

By requiring users to verify their identity through facial recognition, zkMe ensures that each user has a unique DID. zkMe DID guarantees a fair and safe system by rewarding real community members which creates increased engagement and a healthier community. Running anti-sybil solutions on Mantle allows for:

  • Fair Airdrop
  • Fair voting
  • Fair NFT mints
  • Fair funding
  • Quadratic funding
  • Anti-spam

2. zkKYC

Compliant customer due diligence with zkKYC — zkMe’s zero-knowledge Know-Your-Customer checks, when integrated with Mantle, could assist platforms in fulfilling legal KYC/AML requirements while preserving user privacy. This would enable applications built on Mantle to scale at a massive throughput while still adhering to crucial regulatory FATF compliance standards.

We welcome opportunities to discuss how integrating zkMe’s privacy-preserving credentials within any App running on Mantle

zkMe within the Mantle Ecosystem

By integrating zkMe’s credentials with Mantle Network’s scaling infrastructure, we unlock the potential at the intersection of privacy and scale. Our zero-knowledge proofs combined with Mantle Network’s rollup architecture enable a new class of identity solutions for DeFi platforms, social applications and more — while preserving user privacy and matching the performance that consumers expect.

Our Identity Soulbound Token will enable this vision. Identity Soulbound Token contain identity information like age, address, qualifications in a privacy-preserving manner, allowing for use cases like:

  • Authentication
  • Access control
  • Data encryption
  • Secure communication

Essentially, Identity Soulbound Token provide users with:

  • Control over how they share identity details
  • Security through zero-knowledge proofs
  • Privacy for personal information
  • Portability across decentralized applications

By issuing and managing Identity Soulbound Token on Mantle Network, we can scale our solutions while preserving the privacy and sovereignty of the tokens. The integration unleashes the potential of private, portable and user-controlled digital identity at massive scale.

If you need assistance testing zkMe’s solutions on Mantle Network’s testnet for user verification, anti-sybil protections or other use cases, or would simply like to know more, contact the zkMe team directly at contact@zk.me.

About Mantle

Mantle is an Ethereum Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that provides massive throughput, low latency and full EVM compatibility. Through zk-rollups and optimistic rollups, Mantle enables applications to scale while maintaining security and compatibility. By integrating with zkMe’s zero-knowledge credentials, Mantle can now unlock the full potential of privacy-preserving identity solutions at a massive scale, with performance and privacy that matches Web2 identity systems.

About zkMe

zkMe is the decentralized web3 credential network. zkMe verifies user credentials without disclosing any personal information to anyone! zkMe is the only decentralized zero-knowledge Identity Oracle that leverages the power of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) to enable secure and private credential issuance and verification; keeping the web3 ethos of decentralization and privacy alive for compliant crypto businesses. You, privately verified.

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