zkMe Technical Update — April 2024

zkMe is the web3 zero-knowledge (ZK) identity layer. zkMe builds Identity Oracles that leverage the power of zero-knowledge-proofs to…

zkMe Technical Update — April 2024

zkMe is the web3 zero-knowledge (ZK) identity layer. zkMe builds Identity Oracles that leverage the power of zero-knowledge-proofs to enable secure, self-sovereign and private credential verifications. We empower developers building leading web3 projects to elevate their security and regulatory compliance while simultaneously protecting their users identity.

Our latest Technical Update highlights our updates in the following areas:

zkMe App Upgrades

We improved our zkMe app by supplementing KYC data reporting in the zkKYC process which means that following user authentication through document OCR scanning and facial recognition matching (IDV process), zkMe now provides a comprehensive KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) verification report to businesses. Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), this report confirms compliance without revealing any plaintext personal information. Instead, verification outcomes are indicated simply with checks or crosses, ensuring enhanced privacy and security in identity verification.


The zkMe Dashboard (for Customers) had several changes to improve general user experience, including: removing the Settings icon entry from the menu bar, and redirecting the Help icon in the menu bar to the zkMe docs

Further changes included removing Polygon Mumbai testnet and Mantle testnet non zkMe KYC network configuration after the shutdown of the Ethereum Goerli Testnet, Layer2 testnets that were integrated with it are no longer maintained and have also been discontinued.

zkMe Widget

The widget was upgraded to support multi-region nodes on AWS facial recognition enhancing service reliability and reducing latency. By employing regional routing strategies, live authentication services are now deployed globally, allowing automatic connections to the nearest nodes. This significantly mitigates issues related to network fluctuations and transmission delays, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations.

We replaced all Polygon Mumbai Testnet self-sovereign-identity (SSI) soul-bound-tokens (SBT) minting operations with Polygon Mainnet.

zkMe Web

The latest version (v1.3.13) of zkMe Web for consumers was rolled out including the following features:

  • Removing Polygon Mumbai testnet from zkMe web;
  • Removing Polygon Mumbai testnet from the user growth system, including badges and experience acquisition;
  • Removing Polygon ID from Polygon Mumbai testnet (waiting to migrate to Polygon mainnet);

The net result of these changes is that they protected zkMe’s system from being affected by the shutdown of the Polygon Mumbai testnet, ensuring that zkMe’s operations continue to run smoothly even when the testnet is no longer available.


The demo widget on the official website was migrated from Polygon Mumbai testnet to Zetachain Athens3 testnet. This change means the zkMe demo widget will not be affected by the shutdown of the Polygon Mumbai testnet and will continue to operate. To prevent any disruption to the user experience on the testnet, we have integrated the Zetachain Athens3 testnet to ensure a consistent and quality experience for users.

We added Email Newsletter subscription functionality across all our pages of the official website. While a relatively basic feature, this creates more visual consistency to the user and will improve our ability to connect with those who are interested in zkMe as we grow.


About zkMe

zkMe builds zero-knowlege (zk) Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

No personal information is ever processed by anyone but the user themselves. Data leaks & misuse by the service provider are impossible; full interoperability & reusability result in a superior ID solution. zkMe’s is the only FATF compliant KYC provider to be fully decentralized, offering a full suite of products from anti-bit/anti-sybil, to KYC and more.

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