zkMe Partners with Xion Global to Bring Decentralized KYC/KYT to Web3 Payments

zkMe Partners with Xion Global to Bring Decentralized KYC/KYT to Web3 Payments

zkMe is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Xion Global, a leading blockchain-based payment platform on the Polygon network. Xion Global will integrate zkMe's innovative zero-knowledge (ZK) identity oracles into its cutting-edge payment ecosystem, enabling seamless and secure Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Transaction (KYT) processes for its users.

Xion Global: Delivering Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Payment Solutions for Businesses

Xion Global is a trailblazer in the Web3 payment space, offering businesses a secure, transparent, and decentralized payment experience. As a leading payment gateway on the Polygon network, Xion Global leverages blockchain technology to empower its clients, providing a robust infrastructure for secure and private Web3 payments at over 600k+ merchants throughout South Africa and abroad.

Challenges Faced by Xion Global: the Complexities of KYC and KYT in Web3 Payment Space

With the expansion of Xion Global in the Web3 payment sector, the focus on ensuring KYC and KYT compliance while safeguarding user privacy has intensified. Navigating the complexities of identity verification and transaction monitoring in the decentralized ecosystem remains a key priority for Xion Global to uphold trust and confidence among its clients and customers. As the first decentralized issuer to launch on Polygon ID, zkMe’s zkKYC feature offers comprehensive KYC and AML solutions while preserving user privacy. This aligns with Xion Global’s commitment to secure and seamless self-sovereign Web3 payments for both merchants and Web3 consumers.

zkMe's Zero-Knowledge KYC and KYT Solution Empowers Xion Global's Web3 Payment Ecosystem

The partnership between zkMe and Xion Global presents a compelling KYC solution to address the challenges faced by Xion Global in the Web3 payment space. By providing a zero-knowledge KYC service, zkMe primarily targets several pain points for Xion Global and its clients. Firstly, the zero-knowledge approach adds a layer of security, preventing illicit parties from accessing the protocol and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. Secondly, it alleviates privacy concerns by allowing users to verify their identity without exposing personal data, thus maintaining user autonomy. Thirdly, the solution helps Xion Global meet compliance requirements in various jurisdictions, where robust KYC procedures are mandated to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities. Finally, the automated screening algorithms and databases streamline the KYC process, improving efficiency and accuracy while reducing operational costs for Xion Global.

The ZK-based approach also allows Xion Global to leverage zkMe's robust KYT capabilities, including real-time transaction tracking and analysis, to promptly identify and address suspicious activities. This strategic collaboration not only addresses the complexities of KYT, but also paves the way for a more secure, transparent, and decentralized financial ecosystem, ultimately benefiting Xion Global's businesses and users by enabling seamless and privacy-preserving compliance processes.

“Our current 600k+ locations in South Africa currently accepting payments via XionPay means we need the upmost security in preventing illicit funds from entering our payments ecosystem. zKMe ensures all payments are vetted to promote a decentralized but compliant web3 payments ecosystem.”  Aeryn Quarmby, COO at Xion Global.

Alex Scheer, Founder and CEO of zkMe, said, "We are pleased to showcase Xion Global as a prime example of our zkKYC and AML solution implemented in Web3 payments. Our aim is to assist more payment projects like Xion Global that prioritize user privacy, data protection, and uphold the highest compliance standards, mirroring our commitment to excellence in regulatory compliance."


The strategic partnership between zkMe and Xion Global represents a significant milestone in creating a more trustworthy and user-centric Web3 payment ecosystem. By combining zkMe's expertise in decentralized identity solutions with Xion Global's blockchain-based payment offerings, the two companies are poised to redefine the standards of security, privacy, and compliance in the Web3 payment space.

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