zkMe Partners with Ronin Chain to Revolutionize GameFi with Advanced KYC Solutions

Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between zkMe and the Ronin Chain. This collaboration marks a significant…

zkMe Partners with Ronin Chain to Revolutionize GameFi with Advanced KYC Solutions
zkMe x Ronin collaboration

Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between zkMe and the Ronin Chain. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in integrating zkMe’s advanced identity solutions within the Ronin Chain’s expansive ecosystem. Our cutting-edge KYC technologies will now support Ronin’s GameFi projects, enhancing security and user experience.

Ronin, an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain, has been specifically designed to cater to the gaming industry. Developed by Sky Mavis, the brains behind the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, Ronin stands out for its dedication to meeting the unique demands of Web3 gaming. Its ability to facilitate ultra-fast transactions at minimal costs makes it an ideal platform for games requiring frequent microtransactions.

zkMe has established itself as a leader in the realm of identity verification technology, utilizing a protocol that guarantees the confidentiality of personal data and personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring it’s never disclosed to third parties. Our identity oracle enhances this by offering cross-chain verification, facilitating interoperability among various blockchains and streamlining client onboarding. Central to our mission is the commitment to user authentication and safeguarding identities. Through our collaboration, zkMe’s identity oracle will be effortlessly incorporated into the Ronin ecosystem, immediately available to developers and creators within Ronin.

“Empowered by zkMe’s identity oracles, our suite of games/dApps building on Ronin now, and thus, have an option of incorporating user verifications while prioritizing privacy & safety of our users’ identities.” said Bailey, Head of Ronin Ecosystem

This native integration prioritizes the privacy and security of user identities on the Ronin platform by utilizing zkMe’s innovative zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), while also mitigating risks related to evolving financial regulations. This collaboration will revolutionize the way user identities are verified and managed on Ronin, granting users complete control over their data and access to applications. Additionally, developers within the ecosystem will enjoy enhanced safeguards against fraud and abuse, addressing a growing concern across the industry.

“We are impressed by Ronin’s disruption in the Web3 gaming space, particularly its efficient and economical transaction capabilities, which are crucial for advancing the GameFi sector. Knowing that it owns the №1 Web3 Gaming Community, partnering with such an influential project is a key milestone in our exploration of KYC solutions within GameFi,” stated Alex Scheer, Founder and CEO of zkMe.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Ronin team as we unlock the full potential of privacy-preserving identity solutions in Web3 gaming. Together, we aim to lead the charge in developing decentralized applications that empower users while safeguarding their digital rights.

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About Ronin

Ronin is an EVM blockchain specifically forged for gaming. Launched by Sky Mavis, the creator of Web3’s breakout title Axie Infinity which has generated over $1.3 B in revenue, Ronin is the only blockchain proven to scale a single game to accommodate millions of daily active users and has processed over $4 B in NFT volumes. Ronin optimizes for near-instant transactions and negligible fees that enable millions of in-game transactions to occur seamlessly, making it the leading choice for Web3 games.

About zkMe

zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

No personal information is ever processed by anyone but the user themselves. Data leaks & misuse by the service provider are impossible; full interoperability & reusability result in a superior ID solution. zkMe’s is the only FATF compliant KYC provider to be fully decentralized, offering a full suite of products from anti-bit/anti-sybil, to KYC and more.

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