ZkMe Partners with Hinkal to Enhance the Security and Trust of Hinkal Protocol

ZkMe is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Hinkal to enhance blockchain anonymity and security. This collaboration integrates…

ZkMe Partners with Hinkal to Enhance the Security and Trust of Hinkal Protocol

ZkMe is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Hinkal to enhance blockchain anonymity and security. This collaboration integrates ZkMe’s identity solutions with Hinkal’s zk-protocol, adding zkKYC and AML screenings to prevent unauthorized access and ensure secure, confidential transactions.

Hinkal: Where Anonymity Meets Blockchain Innovation

Hinkal is a cutting-edge, institutional-grade zk-protocol that revolutionizes blockchain privacy by re-anonymizing transactions. Operational across seven major EVM-compatible chains, Hinkal integrates with eight decentralized applications (dApps). It offers users unparalleled privacy features, allowing them to shield any token by depositing it into their own or another user’s shielded address. With Hinkal, users can engage in swapping, yield farming, trading, and withdraw their assets to either a previously used or a new wallet address, all while maintaining complete anonymity.

Hinkal’s Aim and zkMe’s Solution: Preventing Illicit Parties with Efficiency and Accuracy

By bringing expertise in decentralized KYC solutions and AML technologies, zkMe addresses several critical challenges for Hinkal. These include enhancing security to prevent illicit access, offering a privacy-centric identity verification process, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards, mitigating risks through advanced AML screening, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of operational processes.

zkMe: Enhancing Trust and Privacy for the Hinkal Protocol

zkMe stands at the forefront of providing specialized services aimed at transforming the landscape of decentralized security and privacy. Implementing zero-knowledge KYC solutions, zkMe directly tackles the challenge of illicit access to Hinkal’s protocol, ensuring that only verified, legitimate users can participate. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized activities. Our approach not only bolsters security but also respects user privacy by allowing identity verification without disclosing sensitive personal information — contrasting sharply with traditional KYC methods. Additionally, zkMe’s zkKYC solution is designed to help platforms navigate the complex web of compliance requirements across different jurisdictions, effectively minimizing the regulatory burden.

On the other hand, the integration of advanced AML screening processes further strengthens this framework, identifying and mitigating potential risks before they escalate, thereby enhancing trust between users and regulatory bodies. Moreover, by automating these screening processes, zkMe significantly improves operational efficiency and accuracy, reducing the time and costs associated with manual checks. Through these specialized services, zkMe is setting a new standard in secure, private, and compliant interactions within the decentralized ecosystem.

“Privacy has a negative connotation because it was used by bad actors. With Zkme, we finally can re-shape what it means to be private and compliant simultaneously.” said Georgi Koreli, Founder & CEO of Hinkal.

Alex Scheer, Founder and CEO of zkMe, underscores the significance of the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Hinkal epitomizes our commitment to combating illicit activities in the web3 landscape. Together, we’re strengthening security and privacy measures to foster a safer digital environment.”

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, zkMe and Hinkal are collaborating to advance innovations that set new standards in security and privacy within the web3 ecosystem. This collaboration represents a pivotal step towards creating a digital landscape where users can transact with confidence, assured that their security and privacy are paramount.

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About Hinkal

Hinkal is an institutional-grade, zk-protocol that re-anonymizes the blockchain, enabling confidential on-chain transactions. It’s live on 7 major EVM chains with 8 dApp integrations. Users can shield any token by depositing to their or another user’s shielded address and swap, yield farm/trade, and withdraw to a previous or new wallet address completely untraced.

About zkMe

zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

No personal information is ever processed by anyone but the user themselves. Data leaks & misuse by the service provider are impossible; full interoperability & reusability result in a superior ID solution. zkMe’s is the only FATF compliant KYC provider to be fully decentralized, offering a full suite of products from anti-bit/anti-sybil, to KYC and more.

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