Pathfinder Campaign : Towards a New Journey for Credential Verification

Fellow zkMer, Ready to explore new frontiers of decentralized identity in Web3? Become a pathfinder and try our product suite, including…

Pathfinder Campaign : Towards a New Journey for Credential Verification

Fellow zkMer, Ready to explore new frontiers of decentralized identity in Web3? Become a pathfinder and try our product suite, including the zkMe App and zkMe Widget.
Try them out and provide feedback. Your suggestions are valuable and we look forward to your participation.

The launch of the zkMe

We are very excited to release the Beta version of the zkMe, a decentralized Web3 credentials network that leverages the power of zero-knowledge proofs to enable secure and private credential issuance and verification.

With zkMe, users can disclose their credentials to authorized parties selectively, without compromising their privacy, and enjoy greater control over their digital identities.

There are two ways to verify your credentials with zkMe:

zkMe App : zkMe SSI wallet allows users to easily generate zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and mint SBT on their mobile-end, as well as manage their own credentials and corresponding authorizations.

zkMe Widget : zkMe Widget allows web3 protocols to easily integrate with SDKs to meet their own zkKYC, anti-sybil, and anti-bot needs.

Important Notice:

zkMe has been launched as a trial run. Some of functionnality will be live later.

You can creat domain or claim your SBT to be an Early adopter with potential incentive.

In order to celebrate the launch of beta version and to give back to the active community users, zkMe is thrilled to announce our Pathfinder campaign.

Activity Information:

Pathfinder is a beta testing event that will span three missions, each lasting one month. During this event, we’ll be navigating the rough seas of ZkMe’s treasure hunt, and we’re inviting you to join us on this exciting adventure!

But that’s not all! We want you to bring your friends along on this journey. Not only will you get to explore the possibilities of decentralized identity, but you’ll also get the chance to earn some awesome rewards along the way.

Our main goal for this event is to gather valuable insights about user preferences, so we can improve our product and ensure a seamless experience for all. So what are you waiting for? Let’s set sail and discover the endless possibilities of web3 together!

Activity time:

Let’s begin the journey to your own identity! This Pathfinder campaign will last almost 2–3month and will start from 2023/04/19 12:00 UTC.

Event rewards:

We value our community and want to reward you for taking part in this exciting journey:

Path finder rewards:

  • 1000 gold-level NFT.
  • 1000 silver-level NFT.
  • 1000 bronze-level NFT.

There are also exclusive rewards for outstanding pathfinders.

Mission rewards:

  • 50 OGs roles for the 50 pathfinders.
  • 100–500 USDT for 1–5 outstanding pathfinders.
  • 10 USDT for the first 100 participants who got SBT.
  • Blind Box (1 point, OG roles, $1 to 1000$).
  • 10USDT for the 100 participants who got SBT.

Rewards Calculation Mechanism:

Pathfinder rewards:

Every completed mission towards your journey earns you one point.

  • Collect 1 point and earn a bronze-level NFT.
  • Collect 2 points and earn a silver-level NFT.
  • Collect 3 points and earn a gold-level NFT.

Mission rewards :

The Pathfinder campaign is an opportunity for you to join us on our mission to create the best privacy-preserving solution for credential verification. By participating in each mission and completing various challenges, you will play an integral role in helping us achieve our goal.

As a Pathfinder, you will be at the forefront of testing our solution and providing valuable feedback that will shape its development.

While rewards are available for completing missions, your contribution to the project is invaluable, and we appreciate your willingness to be a part of our journey towards building a better future for identity verification.

Your “contribution” means:

  • Sharing your remarks, experiences, and findings.
  • Reporting potential bugs.
  • Sharing ideas for future development.
  • Providing quality feedback.

The details of the rules and regulations will be defined for each mission of the campaign, so stay tuned!

Plus, being an early adopter can bring some potential incentives your way.

What are the Benefits of being an zkMe Pathfinder?

  • Your feedback and suggestions for zkMe will be considered a high priority and will be implemented accordingly.
  • You will receive exclusive NFTs from zkMe when you successfully complete our Pathfinder campaign.
  • You will receive special access of certain functionality and benefit in long term in our app (VIP account, higher incentives, more advantages…).
  • Access Pass to our Game-Fi partner and get some surprise in their Metaverse.

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