One Face One DID

A rapid and privacy-preserving solution to combat bot and sybil attacks.

One Face One DID

What is MeID ?

The “One Face, One DID” concept is a powerful tool in the fight against bots and sybil attacks. By requiring users to verify their identity through facial recognition, zkMe ensures that each user has a unique DID. This makes it much more difficult for bad actors to create multiple accounts and manipulate the system.
With zkMe, businesses can be confident that their interactions are with real people, and not bots or fake accounts.

What is the MeID benefit?

Privacy: MeIDs protect my personal information and online identity. My data is full homomorphic encrypted and only I have the key.

Convenience: I can create a MeID once and reuse it across multiple blockchains (Polygon, Avalanche, line, Mantle, BSC…) and applications, without re-verifying myself each time.

Efficiency: Verifications using MeIDs are instant, so I don’t have to wait for long confirmation times.

Profit from your identity: The more verifications, the more benefits. A variety of rewards and value-added services will be provided based on game/social identity verification.

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How to get your MeID?

To get your MeID using our WebApp, it will take few seconds, and follow the steps outlined on the zkMe page to ensure a smooth process:

Claim your MeID

  • [Login] before start your journey.
Home Page of zkMe webapp page
Home Page of zkMe webapp page
  • Click [Start] to begin claiming your MeID.
Start to create your zkMe MeID
Start to create your zkMe MeID
  • Check your mailbox and complete the verification process.
  • Scan the QR code with your phone to initiate the credential verification process.
  • Perform your facial recognition.
  • Congratulations! Your faceprint is now fully homomorphically encrypted. [Bind wallet] to finish the process.
zkMe MeID Verification success
zkMe MeID Verification success
  • Congratulations! Your MeID has been created.
zkMe MeID created
zkMe MeID created


zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

No personal information is ever processed by anyone but the user themselves. Data leaks & misuse by the service provider are impossible; full interoperability & reusability result in a superior ID solution. zkMe’s is the only FATF compliant KYC provider to be fully decentralized, offering a full suite of products from anti-bit/anti-sybil, to KYC and more.

For more information, follow the links below:

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