Monthly Update — June 2024

Monthly Update — June 2024


Welcome to zkMe’s June 2024 Monthly Update, a month characterized by significant achievements and strategic advancements in our path to decentralize identity verification, including winning the “Financial Startup — Gold Award” at the Hong Kong Digital Finance Awards 2024, zkMe Team’s attendance at the Lugano NFT Fest, and becoming a finalist of accelerator program conducted by Accenture. We also gained 5 new partners and integrated with two major blockchain networks, Base Chain and X Layer.

As we look forward to July, we are excited to reveal the updated zkMe Ecosystem Map, highlighting the milestones accomplished throughout Q2 2024. Our commitment to expanding the ecosystem through onboarding new clients from various Web3 realms and integrating more chains remains steadfast.


  • Attestations: 3% increase MoM to 643.5K in total.
  • zkMe App downloads: 2% increase MoM to 30.8K in total.
  • “Financial Startup — Gold Award” at Hong Kong Digital Finance Awards 2024
  • Finalist in Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab Asia — Pacific
  • Attendance at Lugano NFT Fest
  • Integrations with Base chain and X Layer
  • Strategic partnerships with YOIU, Tenzro, Okto, Singularity, and Momentum 8
  • Key product updates and feature releases


Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab Asia — Pacific

FinTech Innovation Lab Asia — Pacific, is an annual accelerator program conducted by Accenture in partnership with Hong Kong Cyberport and top global financial institutions. This program assists growth-stage startups in refining and testing their value propositions with the backing of renowned financial institutions. zkMe is proud to be a finalist in the 2024 cohort.

Lugano NFT Fest

zkMe CEO Alex Scheer’s participation in the Lugano NFT Fest, a global event at the forefront of Web3 innovation and digital art, was noteworthy. At this gathering, zkMe unveiled its revolutionary zkKYC solution tailored for the NFT ecosystem. The festival provided an ideal platform to engage with artists, collectors, and industry leaders interested in our innovative on-chain KYC approach to protecting the NFT industry.

“Financial Startup — Gold Award” and Interview with Metro Finance Broadcast HK

We won the “Financial Startup — Gold Award” for Regulatory Technology in KYC & Anti-Money Laundering at the Hong Kong Digital Finance Awards 2024 hosted by Metro Finance. Our CIO Cecilia Wang showcased zkMe’s full suite of zkKYC solutions, emphasizing our commitment to advancing privacy-preserving technologies in financial transactions.

Cecilia was also featured in an interview with Metro Finance Broadcast HK, discussing zkMe’s strategic initiatives amidst fintech’s rapid evolution and our proactive approach in developing solutions that uphold stringent data protection standards.



This month, downloads for both iOS and Android of the zkMe App saw a robust 3% month-on-month increase, reaching a total of 30.8K. Concurrently, total attestations have grown to 643.5K, reflecting a steady 2% month-on-month growth. These figures highlight the ongoing positive momentum in both user engagement and platform validation.

Key Technical Highlights

In June’s technical update, zkMe announced several enhancements across its platforms. We now officially support Base Chain and X Layer Chain, inviting dApps built on these platforms to approach us for zkKYC solutions.

zkMe Web has added support for minting SBTs on Arbitrum mainnets while discontinuing Neutron and Linear Goerli testnets.

The Widget has expanded zkKYC support to include Arbitrum and X Layer mainnets, and has optimized backend throughput for more efficient SSI SBT minting.

The Dashboard is being upgraded with downloadable KYC reports for improved data management and compliance, set to be released soon.

The zkMe App now features email collection authorization and a Marketing Consent Policy to enhance privacy compliance.


In June, we announced zkMe’s integration with two major chains: Base and X Layer. This expansion of our ecosystem aims to accommodate a wider range of users across various blockchain networks.

  1. Base Chain

At the onset of June, zkMe seamlessly integrated with the Base Chain, fortifying privacy and security protocols within our ecosystem. This integration empowers decentralized applications (dApps) on Base to effortlessly comply with rigorous regulatory standards, setting a new benchmark for user data protection and transactional integrity.

2. X Layer

zkMe bolstered its presence in decentralized finance (DeFi) by integrating with X Layer, a prominent ZK-powered Layer 2 network. This integration equips dApps on X Layer with enhanced security features and robust regulatory compliance, facilitating secure and seamless transactions while prioritizing user identity protection.


We are excited to welcome five new clients — Tenzro, YOIU, Okto, Singularity, and Momentum8 — to the zkMe ecosystem this month. Their trust in our ZKP technology signifies their commitment to achieving on-chain compliance with a privacy-focused approach. Collaboratively, we uphold KYC and AML standards, fostering a more secure Web3 environment.

  1. Tenzro

The partnership between zkMe and Tenzro unites our advanced zero-knowledge proof technology with Tenzro’s AI-driven blockchain platform. This integration ensures comprehensive user authentication and data protection without compromising transactional efficiency, enabling Tenzro to deliver personalized AI experiences while prioritizing user privacy.


zkMe forged a strategic partnership with YOIU, a leading IDO platform. This collaboration integrates zkMe’s advanced zkKYC and AML solutions into YOIU’s infrastructure, enhancing platform security and regulatory compliance. YOIU users can now seamlessly navigate a robust KYC and AML process, ensuring a secure environment for decentralized financial transactions.

3. Okto

zkMe partnered with Okto to redefine identity verification standards across Web3 applications. By leveraging zkMe’s cutting-edge identity solutions, Okto enhances user trust and compliance, delivering a seamless and secure identity management experience.

4. Singularity

zkMe welcomed Singularity as a strategic partner, integrating zkMe’s data-preserving on-chain KYC solution into Singularity’s institutional DeFi access layer platform. This collaboration fortifies security measures and regulatory adherence for Singularity users, ensuring transparent and compliant financial interactions while upholding user privacy.

5. Momentum8

zkMe has partnered with Momentum8 Ventures, a leading Web3-focused investment syndicate, to enhance security, privacy, and regulatory compliance through zkMe’s innovative zkKYC solution. By leveraging zkMe’s zero-knowledge proof technology, Momentum8 Ventures can ensure compliance without compromising user privacy, improving operational efficiency and user experience.


We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in two exclusive AMAs: “Aggregated Global Payments” hosted by Xion Global and Polygon, and “Privacy, Identity, and Authentication: The Three Musketeers of the Digital Age” by Okto.

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What’s next?

Exciting moments are ahead in July with our strategic partner — Singularity!

We are thrilled to announce a Twitter Space themed “How Decentralized Identities are the Next Catalyst for DeFi” on July 9. Following this insightful AMA, we will launch a co-marketing campaign to celebrate their significant milestones. Stay tuned for more details and join us in these discussions and celebrations!

In addition, we are excited to announce our “zkMe Client Interview” Channel will be available soon. This video series features our CEO Alex’s interviews with representatives from our clients, covering topics such as project development, navigating complex compliance environments, solutions, and partnerships.

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zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

No personal information is ever processed by anyone but the user themselves. Data leaks & misuse by the service provider are impossible; full interoperability & reusability result in a superior ID solution. zkMe’s is the only FATF compliant KYC provider to be fully decentralized, offering a full suite of products from anti-bit/anti-sybil, to KYC and more.

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